Below are details of selected publications and writings around issues across the library and information profession, education and public services more broadly.

Journal Articles (Refereed)

Sosu, E.M., Smith, L.N., Santoro, N. and McKendry, S. (2018). Addressing socioeconomic inequality in access to university education: an analysis of synergies and tensions in Scottish policy. Palgrave Communications, 4 (article number 152). 

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Smith, L. (2013). Towards a model of critical information literacy for the development of political agency.  Journal of Information Literacy, 7(2), pp.15-32.

Invited Opinion Pieces and Conference Proceedings

Smith, L.N. and Hanson, M. (2019). Communities of Praxis: Transforming Access to Information for Equity. The Serials Librarian, 76(1), pp.42-49. (available via Edinburgh Research Explorer)

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Book Reviews

Smith, L. (2015). Book review of Ishiyama, J., Miller, W.J. and Simon, E. (eds). 2015. Handbook on teaching and learning in political science and international relations. Cheltenham: Elgar. Journal of Information Literacy, 9(2), pp. 140-141.

Smith, L. (2013). Book review of Pateman, J. and Williment, K. 2013. Developing Community-Led Public Libraries: Evidence From the UK and Canada. London: Routledge. Focus on International Library and Information Work, 44(1).

Book Chapters

Smith, L., Clark, C., Green, G., Wylie, A. and Roper, T. (2014). The importance of libraries. In Walsh, A., Green, G. and Filhol, J., Library A to Z. Huddersfield: Innovative Libraries.

Smith, L. (2012). Case study: Professional involvement for personal development. In Ruddock, B. (Ed.), The New Professional’s Toolkit. London: Facet Publishing, pp.208-11.

Selected Professional Publications and Media Articles

Smith, L. (2016). Scotland’s libraries: cornerstones of democracy in schools and communities. Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professionals (Scotland) blog

Smith, L. (2016). ‘Widening access to higher education’. International Public Policy Institute blog.

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Smith, L. (2010). Doncaster library cuts are cultural vandalism. The Guardian, 18th August.

Doctoral thesis

Smith, L. (2016). Critical information literacy and political agency : a critical, phenomenographic and personal construct study of young people’s experiences of political information. University of Strathclyde. / 

Masters dissertation 

Smith, L. (2010). A cradle of democracy: democratic engagement and public libraries. University of Sheffield.