Library Day in the Life: Day Five

Mostly a day of study and preparing for National Libraries Day tomorrow!

  • Went to Buchanan Street station with two CILIP/CILIPS members to have some photos taken for the Subway’s intranet and publicity, and to collect my ‘shoogle‘ bag to take round on the Glasgow Subway Librarithon tomorrow. Many thanks to Anabel for doing all the organising, I’m really excited about it!

  • Tweeted a bunch of #NLD12 and #savelibraries related stuff, and tackled my email mountain (by tackled, I mean ‘put red To Do labels on things and deleted whatever I could’…)
  • Found that some of the stuff I was reading for study was probably worth sharing so tumbled it as I went along.
  • Listened to this EP by Golau Glau (who are amazing) which they made specially for National Libraries Day.
  • Instructed Ian on how to update the Voices for the Library website.
  • Gazed in wonder at his handiwork!
  • Got an answer from the library about the EBSCO problem – OmniFile Full Text Select from Wilson isn’t and won’t be until next week. There’s a way round it though, hurrah!

I also spent a few hours with my finger splint off, which is quite a big thing for me because I ruptured a tendon six and a bit weeks ago and I didn’t know if it had healed properly. It looks like it should be fine, albeit a bit less straight than the rest of my fingers, and it’ll take a while for it to get moving again, but I’m really glad it doesn’t look like I’ll need surgery.

Dragon and Fionn spent a good hour or so outside, too – and came home – which is great because we’ve only been here for three weeks, and before we moved Fionn hadn’t been outside since he was rescued as a tiny kitten by daveyp and librarygirlknit.


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