Library Day in the Life: Day Four

I wish I’d taken my camera to work with me today because I met a fox, a magpie and a crow at the top of the steps down to the train station. Aw well. Imagine a scene a bit like this:

The main events of today were:

  • Being interviewed by a lecturer from a library and information studies department in Japan about my involvement in library campaigning and advocacy as part of Save Doncaster Libraries, Voices for the Library and CILIP.
  • Giggling all the way through my lunch break whilst looking at The 25 Most Awkward Cat  Sleeping Positions.
  • A meeting with my supervisor to see how I’m getting on – basically, it’s okay that I’m not really sure what approach I want to take and I have a better idea than I think about the area that I want to research. And, it’s okay to keep on reading!
  • Compiling a big reading list for the next couple of weeks.
  • Struggling to make EBSCOHost work. What’s going on, guys?
  • Publicising the fact that I’ve set up a Google Calendar for my CILIP Vice President activities (I’ve only added the lobby for libraries at Westminster so far, but there are things I’m doing that don’t have a set date yet).
  • Promising Colm that I’d put the report from last year’s Fallacy of Footfall Workshop online. Here it is!
  • Having a wander round town – I’m trying to learn my way around bit by bit (I’ve only lived here for three weeks and have been in Amsterdam, Doncaster and Leeds for some of that!) – so I managed to get lost, but I did also manage to find a rucksack that my laptop will fit in, so I’m counting that adventure as a win.
  • Learning how to use a waiter’s friend with the help of youtube videos and diagrams from my housemate.
  • Watching Channel 4 News just to watch the report about National Libraries Day.
  • Planning when my friends from Leeds can come up and visit me in Glasgow – yay!

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