Library Day in the Life: Day Three

Bit of a photoblog today…

Pictures (top left to bottom right): my whiteboard diagram of Giroux’s ideas about transformative libraries and radical democracy; my desk; my lunch (Scotch Broth); my dinner (red lentil, mushroom and roast pepper bake); Fionn; Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science and Gorman’s Eight Central Values of Librarianship on the whiteboard; the view of Glasgow from my office in Livingstone Tower; Dragon.

Fionn woke me up at five o’clock when he put his claw through my lip. Thanks Fionn. That meant I slept through my alarm when I nodded back off, so I got off to a bit of a late start. Headed into the office, did some reading, responded to emails and tweets and things, some more reading, then scribbling all over a whiteboard when I got really excited about finding a critical theory that seems to have really good potential for applying to my research area, lunch, then spent the afternoon in a really interesting training session about how government policy-making processes work and how academics might be able to influence policy with their research and evidence. I was supposed to be doing some more reading this evening, but I’ve struggled to find some articles (I think EBSCO’s playing up), and cooking and playing with cats was far more appealing than faffing about with databases.


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