8 thoughts on “Piled Higher and Deeper

  1. Congratulations on place(s) and the scholarship and good luck with the move (when it happens). I know a few people currently near the end of PhDs and I can’t say that it won’t be hard work. But it sounds like important and exciting research – remember that when you’re in need of motivation.


    1. Thanks Katie 🙂 I know what I’m letting myself in for – but may need reminding of that in a couple of years’ time!

  2. Congratulations on getting two offers of funding. You can mention both offers of funding on your CV if you haven’t already (put ‘declined’ next to the Sheffield one) – you worked hard for both applications (sorry if you’ve already done this).
    Glasgow is a fantastic city, I hope you enjoy living there.

    1. Oh that’s a really good point, I’d not thought of it and probably wouldn’t have put it down. Thank you!

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