CILIP Yorkshire and Humber / Career Development Group AGM

I gave a talk at the CILIP Y&H / CDG AGM in Keighley on Tuesday. Here are the slides – fairly cryptic as usual but there are some nice quotes and pictures from Hay Festival in there.

It was great to meet so many members I’ve not had the opportunity to meet before, both new and otherwise professional. We talked about public libraries, changes to CILIP as an organisation, and the need to promote librarianship as a valid and valuable profession. It all reminded me that there’s a lot of history to the struggles we’re dealing with, which of course are complex and varied. A lot of people have been tackling a lot of issues as best they can for a very long time. The problems are nothing new, but I think the ways in which we do it as individuals and as a profession are and increasingly will be. Just don’t ask me how (yet) 🙂


Here’s a lovely picture of organiser Daniel presenting Carly Miller, Jenny Owens and me with thank you eggs and honey!


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