Hay Festival and the Travelling Suitcase Library

I’m off to Hay next weekend to spread the word about Voices for the Library, the threat to public libraries around the UK (and beyond) and bring a little library love to everybody there. And flog some badges.


Excitingly, the brilliant Jess of Travelling Suitcase Library fame has kindly allowed Voices to franchise her book-baby (keeping to the rules of the TSL manifesto), so we’re asking for people who are going to Hay to bring some books to swap. I’ll be stocking up, but can’t guarantee what I’ll be able to scavenge from charity shops (see? This is why libraries are better than charity shop bookshelves – more reliable, higher quality and free!) so we need as many people as we can to get involved and bring some books.

Cor, look at this, we’ve even got our own bit of the Hay website. We’ll be there from Saturday 28th May to Sunday 5th June. If any Voices supporters are there, please come and say hello, it’d be lovely to meet you. If anybody would like to relieve us of stand duties for a little bit so we can go for a wander, that’d be welcome too!


2 thoughts on “Hay Festival and the Travelling Suitcase Library

    1. Hi Harriet,

      Thank you! We’re selling badges in bulk (individual amounts would take far too long to process) so if you want 20 or more let me know and I can sort out payment, postage etc.


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