A Little Mover and Shaker Thank You Post

Way way less cool (and far shorter!) than Ned’s thank you post, and only with the video pinched from him because it has my whitened teeth in it too (see below!), a little thank you post. I’m so honoured and dead chuffed to have been named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker 2011. I feel like I’ve totally lucked out because I’m pretty new to everything, but this is an amazing recognition for what I’ve managed to do so far, and great encouragement to carry on! My profile piece is here.

(Ned’s video is GREAT.)

I owe huge thanks to Laura Woods for nominating me, to Ned Potter and Bethan Ruddock for saying nice things about me (and anyone else who might have put a good word in that I don’t know about). Ned really DID say some crazy-nice things, look! They’re absolute stars, constant sources of inspiration and encouragement and I can’t say enough about how totally ace they are.

Thank you too to Biddy Fisher, Annie Mauger and Phil Bradley for being so very supportive of not just me, but everyone involved in CILIP-related activities (and things that are beneficial to the LIS profession generally). It really does make all the difference to know that they think I’m doing ok! I hope they don’t mind me saying it, but I do think there’s a brilliant and welcoming community developing, with a mix of experienced folk, and new professionals with (hopefully) enough energy and enthusiasm to make up for where we’ve not got the experience yet.

A gazillion thank yous to everyone involved with the running of Voices for the Library (Bethan Ruddock again!, Ian Clark, Mick Fortune, Gary Green, Tom Roper, Ian Anstice, Alice Halsey, Simon Barron, and brand new recruit Thomas Connelly) and everybody who helps it grow – librarians, members of the public, friendly journalists all!

To Lynne Coppendale, fabulous (dare I say fierce? 😉 ) woman that she is, at Save Doncaster Libraries, and the ace team of kick-ass librarians and communities who are helping to tell DMBC to shove their closures and cuts where the sun don’t shine. Johanna Anderson is a whirlwind of brilliant and I’m proud to know her and consider her my campaign-BFF.

To everyone who got me so engaged with public libraries in the first place and continue to support what I’m doing, particularly Barbara Sen, Briony Birdi, Liz Brewster, Liz Chapman (all at Sheffield University’s Information School), and David McMenemy and Bob Usherwood, my total Library School heroes and people I’m honoured to have the support of with Voices stuff.

And finally, big soppy thank yous to my parents and grandparents for putting up with me rambling on about libraries, to my fiancé Christopher for putting up with the rambling too but also for not getting mad when I spend ages responding to emails and stuff when we’re supposed to be hanging out, and to my friends for not forgetting I exist when I drop off the social radar.

I think I’m all thanksed-out! So much for it not being a long post!


4 thoughts on “A Little Mover and Shaker Thank You Post

  1. Huge congratulations Lauren! You are just fantastic and it is great you are getting the recognition you deserve.

    Well done and keep it up! x

  2. Do you mean, how much have YOU made happen in the last few months?

    This is by no means fate Lauren; this is the result of your passion and commitment to libraries. It is the product of your vision, your hours of hard work, your determination and your ability to communicate with and inspire others – dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

    You are a shinning star and I am delighted for you, and very proud too x

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