Wrapped Up In Books

It’s a right week for books next week!

When I decided  to get involved with World Book Night, I automatically assumed that it was part of Book Aid International’s World Book Day – well, you would, wouldn’t you?! It turns out they’re not, or at least, weren’t. Now though, they’re both helping to put on an event in Southwark (celebrations start at 5pm and close at 10pm at John Harvard Library, Borough High Street, South London SE1 1JA). Ace.

World Book Day – 3rd March

Here’s a little bit about World Book Day because I’ve not mentioned it properly yet. From a lovely lady called Natasha at Book Aid:

“It is opportunity for people to celebrate the education, imagination and information that books provide us all with. There are a whole host of events and activities you can get involved with, whatever your age. They include Meet Talk Give, a fun, easy fundraising activity for reading groups and libraries – as well as initiatives for toddlers and school age children.

Book Aid International is one of the charities that benefits from the day, and it enables them to make a massive difference. They depend on the support of people like you to bring books, and all that they represent, to communities in sub-Saharan Africa and the Occupied Territories of Palestine.”

I’ll be in Edinburgh on 3rd and 4th March at Edge 2011, so won’t be able to take part, but if you can, it sounds well worth it. And make the most of the World Book Day Tokens!

World Book Night –  5th March

There’s been some talk about WBN, what it’s about and potential issues. But I’m sticking with it, and will be in one of my favourite beery establishments, Arcadia in Headingley, from about 8:30pm, with the awesome BookElfLeeds and her Travelling Suitcase Library (so excited about meeting her!) – I think it’s a great opportunity to encourage people to get reading and use libraries. As well as the 40-odd copies of Love in the Time of Cholera, I’ll also be bringing a pile of my own books, and seeing as I’m moving house that day, I think I’d better pack up a little box specifically for swapping!


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