Radio Marathon!

Exciting! I spent two and a half hours in the BBC Leeds station this morning doing back-to-back live and pre-recorded interviews for local BBC radio stations and Radio 4’s You & Yours consumer affairs programme, in my capacity as ‘media contact’ for Voices for the Library and Save Doncaster Libraries.

BBC Breakfast ran a piece about library closures and volunteer models of provision this morning, so volunteering was a hot topic, as were council proposals, the “what do you think we should cut then?” question, deprofessionalisation, the social value of libraries, statutory provision, and if libraries would ever re-open once closed.

My schedule went something like this (you can listen if you really want to. I’ve not got round to finding all of the timings, but I did find the Leeds one!):

09:40 Pre-recorded interview/debate with Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries for BBC Radio 4′s You & Yours programme.

10:08 Luton

10:22 Cambridge

10:30 Wiltshire

11:08 York

11:15 Hereford & Worcester

11:22 Sheffield

11:38 Surrey & Sussex

12:00 BBC Radio Leeds (pre-recorded for the drivetime show: 2 hours 45 minutes in)

I also did pre-recorded interviews for Northampton, West Midlands and Cornwall.

Phew! What a morning.


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