Voices for the Library

A group of dedicated librarians and information professionals have set up Voices for the Library, a campaigning website to share positive stories from public libraries and librarians, provide factual information about library usage in the UK and draw together the fragmented responses to the many attacks on UK public library services. It is high time for library professionals to be the voices for libraries. This campaign is an opportunity for people to discuss why libraries and librarians are so important, and why it is vital that they are run well and serve their communities effectively.

Libraries have recently had a high profile in the media, as a result of the threat of drastic cuts to library services across the UK. It is surprising that the majority of people speaking in the media about the future of libraries are not library users or library professionals and do not have the necessary knowledge and understanding of what libraries are for and the value they have. This site provides spokespeople for the media with a range of professional expertise.

I wrote that so I don’t feel bad about shamelessly cutting and pasting it. 😉

Although I’ve been doing my bit in terms of talking to news programmes, radio shows, newspapers and the like, trying to explain why libraries are important, why libraries need librarians, and that kind of thing, the majority of people commenting on libraries don’t seem to use libraries or know what they’re there for.


Some Twitter-folk and I have set up a campaign website. It’s called Voices for the Library. These voices aren’t just those of librarians, but those of library users who love, are entitled to, and indeed need free, unbiased public library services.

We’re all Voices for the Library, innit. So do send me a comment, or write me an email about why YOU value YOUR library/librarians.

5 thoughts on “Voices for the Library

  1. How about a list where librarians and readers can post their personal insights into the value of the libraries? Anything anyone has noticed in passing during they, real life experience, in the news and press, quotes/citations, etc. (Maybe a closed list as well for librarians to discuss the philosophy of libraries?)

      1. OK, hows abouts the closed forum, a lot of my thoughts are thinkings?

        There was an article a number of years ago (I’ll see if I can dig it out sometime) that argued Library Science was a relatively young science. I don’t think there is just one person with the following sentiment:

        “So I guess my message is that libraries have a purpose and a point. But I, for damn sure, could not begin to tell you what that should be. I just work here.”

        I think maybe the LIS-PUB-LIBS and CILIP forums people are too aware of their professional standing and somewhat self-conscious (also the former tends to be librarians and trade/industry discussion and the latter are CILIP members only anyway, not really for the ordinary bog standard common-or-garden library assistant 🙂


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