This blog has really fallen by the wayside lately, because I’ve been busy with Save Doncaster Libraries. We’ve been part of a bit of a media buzz, and have been on BBC News (Breakfast News, News 24 and Look North as well as an audio version here), BBC Radio 5 Live, Radio 4’s Today Programme, and last week an article I wrote was published on the Guardian’s Comment is Free page.

All very exciting. Hopefully it will have the desired effect and make Doncaster Council, and the rest of the country, reassess (and remember) what libraries are for.

Update: I’ll use this post to collect together other links to today’s media bits and bobs.

John Harris on Guardian’s Comment is Free page: Libraries need investment to thrive
Lynne Coppendale on BBC Radio Sheffield talking about Save Doncaster Libraries: 1:21:30 in
BBC Have Your Say comments: Do libraries have a future?
Mumsnet are on the case!
Coverage on ITV Meridian Regional News

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